Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Rain in Spain is Raining on McCain

I know that the liberal press and left-wing blogosphere is belitting John McCain for an interview with a Spanish-language radio station, Radio Caracol Miami, in which he apparently failed to realize that Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was the prime minister of Spain. McCain repeatedly answered quetions about his willingness to meet with Zapatero as if he was talking about a Latin American, not a European, leader.  But, come on, be fair.  McCain's interviewer, a woman, was speaking a heavily accented English.  When, in her last attempt to get him to understand the question, she said that she was talking about Europe not Latin America, McCain can be heard to ask, "What?  New York?"  If this woman can't learn to pronounce English names in a manner  that is clear enough for McCain to understand, is it fair to blame him?  Even if Arizona shares a border with Mexico....

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