Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber: From Race Baiting to Red Baiting

Joe the Plumber, McCain's version of Sarah Palin's Joe Six-Pack, is McCain's way of suggesting that Obama is a communist.  

As McCain repeated in a Pennsylvania rally the day after the third and final debate, Obama's problematic answer to Joe the Plumber's question about his taxes was that Obama "wanted to spread Joe's wealth around." To criticize Obama for wanting to spread Joe's wealth around is another way to scare Americans about Obama's communism, joining the campaign's efforts to paint him (or have him painted) as a terrorist, an extreme liberal, a Muslim, an un-American other

Not content to be compared to George Wallace, McCain may now have set out to see if he could be compared to Joe McCarthy. If he succeeds, he will have another opportunity to be indignant, and another opportunity to scare Americans from choosing Obama when they get into the voting booth.

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